Lavinia  DeCastro

Lavinia DeCastro

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First Name * Lavinia
Last Name * DeCastro
Username * LolaToonHead
Country * USA
City Philadelphia
Nationality Brazil
Languages EnglishFrenchPortugueseSpanish



Availability: student


I'm an animation student at the Art Institute of Philadelphia and expect to graduate in September of 2009.
At AI, I've earned awards for character design, anatomy drawing, perspective drawing, motion graphics and typography.
In August, I will attend SIGGRAPH, where I'm working as a student volunteer. I can't wait to meet other students and learn from professionals in the industry.
I am a native of Brazil, but I've lived in the US for the past 15 years.
While going to school, I've worked full time as a reporter and videographer for a daily newspaper in New Jersey, where I write stories and shoot and edit videos for the web.
I'm also co-producing and serving as animation director for a short film that mixes live action and animation called "The Tolltaker". That should hit the festival circuit at the end of this year or in early 2010.
I'm also busy looking for an internship and soaking in as much information and knowledge as my brain can handle.
You can find some of my work here and on my website, which I am currently tweeking.
If you visit and find some broken links, please visit again in August, when I should have it updated and running smoothly.
I look forward to hearing your critiques and suggestions and seeing your amazing work.